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Why Choose Our Mantels?
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AFFORDABLE LUXURY — we create elegant cast stone & plaster designs at the highest level of craftsmanship
EASY to INSTALL— all our mantels are easy installation.

COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY on all products and labour

EXPERIENCE & REPUTATION — our designs grace the Trump Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel and numerous luxury estates

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE — we manufacture all mantels at our facilities and can therefore guarantee an exact fit for your dimensions and style requirements

WIDE RANGE OF STYLES — modern, contemporary, traditional, antique or exotic

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To this day, Master Piece Inc. remains truthful and respectful to their centuries-old craft by using only the finest materials and techniques in their process. Every piece is designed and sculpted in our own studio, by our craftsmen, through disciplined execution of old world techniques. Carefully researched and impeccably crafted, their timeless designs and sculptural expertise have become the industry benchmark for value and excellence.

Quality Customer Service

Our foundation is built upon the skill and dedication of the people of Master Piece Inc. as we bring the highest quality natural resource to you. We take pride in the customer focused service we deliver.

Contact us today for samples and information on how to specify our knowledge and natural Stone source for your next project. Choose Natural Stone a remarkable material that will endure for generations.

On behalf of Master Piece Inc. we thank you for your consideration and allowing us to share our passion with you.